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We create winning strategies for the brands with our integrated marketing approach

With an increasing demand for technology and social media marketing the digital media group is fully equipped to reach more than 15 million internet users in Malaysia each month i.e 75% of Malaysia’s internet population. By grabbing the technical instincts we use fast and cost effective ways to provide engaging content on digital media platforms.
We love the brands that we manage and treat them for their individuality and personality and ultimately help them succeed with their consumer engagement.


Big Active Media is aware of how to drive the audience for all media platforms so it also contributes in radio broadcasting. It airs meaningful content on creative marketing and digital advertisement that helps to understand the consumers and sellers well. We offer various Radio ad campaigns like sponsorships, interviews, Custom Ads, Product shout out, etc. We also help with well-researched stand-alone radio campaigns. Moreover, our engaging podcasts and complete market analysis give you a wider picture for your marketing solution.


Our media platform is also inclined to hit the local audience with an integrated TV channels network. This well-established local channels network gives the news, current affair updates and phenomenal local content to every walk of life in the country. In addition to streaming local Asian dramas and religious programs, you can enjoy an innovative home shopping experience for the whole family. We help you carefully craft your TV campaigns. We share relevant insights like viewing patterns, watching behavior, relevant information on various demographics, etc. Big Active Media also paves the way to have unrestricted access to Malaysia’s most popular video streaming platform “Tonton”.


Big Active Media also extends its services to print media with credible information resources. By supporting authoritative journalism and freedom of speech it appeals to a huge amount of loyal readers both in print and digital media. As a most trustworthy commercial print media platform it is a top pick for subtle business advertisers now. You need our smart and creative print and digital campaign for efficient advertising. You can also have direct access to Media Prima leading Newspapers namely New Strait Times, Berita Harian and Harian Metro.


We also lead in the Out of Home advertising industry as promoted by Media Prima market leaders that is Big Tree, The Right Channel, Kurnia Outdoor, Gotcha, UPD and Big Tree Seni Jaya. We provide a persistent solution for static and digital media formats along with observational strategies. We do a detailed study of your targeted audience. We have everything covered for your Out Of home advertising option: billboards, airports, metros and trains, buses, etc.

We understand how important Brand Engagement and ROI are to your business, so we propose relevant strategies based on your target audience and requirements